Welcome to H BOMB!

Cultural anthropology at the Rocky Horrow Picture Show?

Cultural anthropologyThe “C” word(s)!  Harvard Erotica!  Activism! 

All this and more in….


Hello fellow deviants,

We know you’ve missed us, and to be entirely truthful we’ve missed you, too. Some of you might be too young to remember us, but hell, who says that’s a bad thing. We know who you are: you are our faithful readers. You are the ones seeking answers, who heard about a magazine on “Sex, Power and Counterculture” and thought, that’s some shit I want to read.

So let us introduce ourselves. I’m X and this is O, and we’re the Editors-in-Chief of H BOMB.We are restarting the Harvard College magazine of sex and, power, and counterculture because this campus really fucking needs it. Every sex-related event is standing-room-only because the student body, the firm supple student body, wants to talk about sex. Despite University objection, this campus is sexually alive. We are powerful and we are young. We need a place that is our own, a place to talk about sex. We need a place to deal with the issues on our campus because it is, in fact, our damn campus– and this fucked up little community needs a place to talk about sex, power, and counterculture.

We want you to take a ride with us. We want you to think about sex, and think about the way you think about sex. We want everyone to have a place in this magazine. The magazine consists of really classy photographs (as if you’d just read it for the articles), articles that are interview-based and written by and about students from a variety of organizations, and damn sexy erotica (word porn). We aspire to create an open dialogue about sex, rather than pushing one view. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. We’re restarting this magazine because we feel there’s a hole on campus that needs to be filled, and we’re up for the task of getting it off (…the ground) again.

Fondle-y Yours,

X & O

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